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1950s Wedding Rings

The antique 1950s wedding ring is a beautiful diamond ring made from a natural platinum material. It has a ovalcut design and is located with a iasiite stone. This ring is a great choice for a special occasion as it is superior in quality and beauty to any other type.

1950 Wedding Rings

My 1950 wedding rings are a beautiful addition to my continued on next page.

1950 Vintage Wedding Ring Sets

This beautiful 1950s vintage wedding ring set contains a 6g diamond, from a stephenson & sons ltd. Factory, which has a natuarl marquis diamond platinum content of 60001. The set contains also a marquis platinum content of 60001. This beautiful ring is a good example of the high-quality and classic design of stephenson & sons ltd's diamond products. This ring is a great addition to any wedding or special occasion collection. this 1950s diamond ring is made of colombianemerald diamond platinum and is a beautiful piece of jewelry. It is in excellent condition and has a great look to it. This ring is a perfect addition to your collection and would be a great add-on to your already valuable collection. this beautiful 1950s wedding ring set features a natural blue sapphire diamond platinum ring. The diamond is 8kt gold plated and measures 3. 50 ct. It is set with antique 5 types of diamonds including this one, and is backed by aservices of eric j. our antique 1950s style wedding rings are a perfect way to remind your loved ones back then how much they love them. They are a great addition to any setting and would make an excellent addition to any ceremony or stage. Our diamonds are of natural quality and are pacing each other’s emotions with their platnium style wedding rings. They a perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care during these special times.